Как настроить auto keyboard presser

Auto Key Presser

Most Games require pressing keyboard keys repeatedly to perform particular actions and this can get painful at times. Using Auto Key Presser, you can now assign a single keyboard shortcut to automatically press a keyboard key multiple times.

Click Here to Download Auto Key Presser and enjoy gaming without having to manually press keyboard buttons repeatedly.

In this post, I will share every detail about the Auto Keyboard presser, how to install it on your computer, how to integrate it for full screen/Direct X games and some cool features of this key pressing software as well.

Let us begin with the basics.

What is Auto Keyboard Presser?

Auto Keyboard Presser (also called auto button presser) is a software tool that enables users to press and release a keyboard key automatically without having to manually press it.

You can choose a key to be pressed repeatedly, define time delay between the keys and the number of times the button should be pressed automatically. After this, you can assign a single shortcut key to start the automatic key pressing.

Main Features of Auto Key Presser

  • The software is completely Free to download and use without any restrictions.
  • This keyboard auto presser software can be installed on any Windows desktop or laptop. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 etc.
  • Time delay between two key strokes can be set as fixed time delay or random time delay. By changing the time delay, you can configure it to be slow key presser or fast key presser.
  • This key pressing tool supports Multiple Instances creation that means you can setup more than one instance of the software to press different keys simultaneously. Each instance also has a separate tray icon.
  • It also supports games that run in full screen mode using Direct X. This makes it best auto key presser with full screen support.

Now let us take a look at the steps to install the auto button presser and use it with your games.

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How to Use Auto Key Presser?

To configure the auto presser, follow the step by step process given below.

  1. First, click here to download the Auto Key Presser.
  2. Once the download is complete, click on the installer and following the on-screen instructions. You can choose the installation directory, shortcut icon etc.
  3. After successful installation, start the tool by simply double clicking on the shortcut icon. You will be able to see the interface as provided in the screenshot below.
  4. Now, under the ‘Key to Automate’ section, you will see two drop downs. Here you can select either one key (ex. a,s,d,w) or a combination of keys like Ctrl+A, Shift+0 etc.
  5. Next, you need to assign a Shortcut keyboard key to being or stop the automatic pressing of selected buttons. Write down the key name like F7, Ctrl+K etc. in the box adjacent to ‘Shortcut key’ section and then click the Save Shortcut Key button.
  6. Under the Auto Keyboard Configuration section, choose the Delay between key presses. Enter the time in minutes, seconds and milliseconds. You can click on Random delay to autopress the key randomly.
  7. You can also choose the number of times the selected keyboard button to be pressed. Leave it 0 if you want infinite presses until you stop is manually.
  8. That’s it! Just minimize Key Presser and open your desired game. To start the auto key pressing, just hit the assigned shortcut key and you will see the magic happen in the game.

The above process would work perfectly for all in-window games but you need to do a little additional setup to make it work for full screen mode games. To be honest, most awesome games are full screen only 😛

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Using Key Presser for Direct X Games (Fullscreen Mode)

Follow the steps below to configure the auto keyboard presser for all MMO and RPG games which use Direct X to display the game in full screen.

Don’t worry, you only have to do it once and it will work on all your games. You don’t even require Admin access to do this.

Anyways, so here are the steps to install the key presser for Games

  1. Just open the Auto Keyboard Presser you just installed and Right click on the window to open the menu.
  2. Click on the ‘Key presser for Direct X or Fullscreen Applications’. Refer the screenshot for the same.
  3. After clicking, you will get a UAC prompt to start the installer. Just click Yes and move to next step.
  4. On this screen, you will be asked whether you have a PS/2 keyboard. Mostly if you are on laptop, you already have a PS/2 keyboard. If not, you need to add a PS/2 Keyboard because this installer does not work with USB keyboards yet.
  5. Once you confirm that you have a PS/2 Keyboard, just click on the button that says Show Me How to Install this Additional Component. Read all the instructions carefully. You can refer to the screenshot for the same.
  6. Right Click on the installer screen. A menu will appear with Steps to Install the additional component. Just follow the steps carefully and you will have your Keypresser for Fullscreen games installed successfully.
  7. After the installation is complete, just restart the software and you will see the options for Selecting Keyboard Shortcut, Key to Automate, Number of Times for Key pressing and Time delay. Just configure them like you did previously.
  8. That’s it. You will see a message saying ‘Key Presser is Ready to Use’. Just hit the shortcut key to start sending the automatic button presses to your Direct X game.

FAQs about Automatic Key Pressers

Are Auto Keyboard Pressers safe?

Yes, Auto Keyboard Pressers are completely safe if you are downloading it through trusted websites. Do not download any tools from websites that look fishy or ask for your payment details unnecessarily.

How do you hold your keys down automatically?

Auto Keyboard allows you select the keys that you want hold down using a single shortcut key. You can also define for how long you want the keys to be pressed.

How do I get an auto key presser?

Just Download the software using this link and follow the instructions to install the auto key presser on your desktop or laptop.

Other Alternatives for Auto Keyboard Pressing

There are different alternative software available for automatic key pressing for games. In case you want to experiment, you might want to check out the following key presser tools as well.

Auto Keyboard Presser by Autosofted

This is a common auto pressing software developed and distributed by Autosofted. It brings the functionality of automatic key pressing and releasing in just a single click of a button. It has almost similar features to the Auto Keyboard by Murgee.

Auto Key Clicker by Timothy

This Free auto key software uses a rather simple approach where you can select a key, interval and save it. Also, you choose from the mouse clicks as well for automatic clicking. You can start the auto pressing using F3 and stop it using F4. These keys cannot be changed.

RobotSoft Key Presser

RobotSoft has developed this key presser with almost all the functionalities that you would need such as setting shortcut, time delay, holding keys etc. But, the tool is free only for trial. After the trial ends, you have to buy it for $4.95.

If you are facing any issues while installing or using the Auto Key Presser, just tell us in comments below, we will help you out!


Key Presser

Key Presser — это легкое и интуитивно понятное приложение, способное автоматически нажимать указанные клавиши. Программа полезна для различных игр, которые требуют, чтобы вы держали определенные клавиши нажатыми непрерывно. Этот небольшой инструмент поможет вам легко это сделать. Кроме того, вы можете определить конкретное время, когда вы хотите, чтобы клавиша была нажата. Используя эту программу, вы сможете играть в игры простым и удобным способом. Вы можете запустить и остановить приложение в любое время, просто нажав горячие клавиши.

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Нажатие клавиш будет удерживать определенную клавишу нажатой непрерывно. Вы также можете установить задержку между сгенерированными событиями нажатия клавиш. Программа может быть использована на всех машинах MS Windows.

Название Key Presser
Разработчик RobotSoft
Домашняя страница продукта Key Presser
Лицензия Бесплатно попробовать (Shareware)
Загрузки прошлой недели 7
Все время загрузки 5197
Имя файла KeyPresser.exe
Размер файла 0.4MB
Контрольная сумма MD5 9F60B107CDECF1957C5D18B9F6D7F910
Поддержка ОС Windows All

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Automation Software & File Organization Tools

In-Progress Works

Autosofted Program Revisions

We are currently working on fixing any bugs/glitches that might exist within any of our software.

We are also making an attempt to make our programs more user friendly. The best type of programs are simple programs.

Reviews or Poll

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I purchased the program but I get a «Need internet connection» error when I enter my license key.

For the Auto Mouse Clicker Program:

Use Notepad to create a text (.txt) file titled «Autosofted License Mouse»
On the first line of the file put FULL
On the second line of the file put down your license key

Save the file and place it in:
C:\Users\Your Name\App Data\Local

Your program should now be fully activated.

For the Auto Keyboard Presser Program:

Use Notepad to create a text (.txt) file titled «Autosofted License»
On the first line of the file put FULL
On the second line of the file put down your license key

Save the file and place it in:
C:\Users\Your Name\App Data\Local

Your program should now be fully activated.

2. I purchased the program but it gives me an «Invalid key» error when I enter in my license key.

See the answer to question 1.

3. My hotkeys dropdown selection menu is blank (doesn’t show any keys).

For the Auto Mouse Clicker Program:

Go to C:\Users\»YOUR USERNAME HERE»\AppData\Local\Temp and then open the file named «Autosofted Mouse Clicker Config.txt».

The file should open up on Notepad. From there make the first line say
«Start/Stop Hotkey: » without the quotes. Make the second line say
«Play Hotkey: » without the quotes. Save the file. Now it should work again.

Just type in the key you want inside the blank hotkey box and press set.

For the Auto Keyboard Presser Program:

Go to C:\Users\»YOUR USERNAME HERE»\AppData\Local\Temp and then open the file named «Autosofted Keyboard Presser Config.txt».

The file should open up on Notepad. From there make the first line say
«Start/Stop Hotkey: » without the quotes. Make the second line say
«Play Hotkey: » without the quotes. Save the file. Now it should work again.

Just type in the key you want inside the blank hotkey box and press set.

4. I want to press certain keys that the auto keyboard presser doesn’t seem to record.

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The auto keyboard presser can actually record ANY key, thanks to the Edit Script function. Here’s how:

Let’s say you want to record the following keys: ESC (escape), Insert, and Capslock. These are a few of many special keys that the program doesn’t recognize. So to make the program play these keys:

-Press your Start/Stop hotkey to start recording
-Press «a»,»b»,»c» (can be any 3 keys).
-Press your Start/Stop hotkey to stop recording
-Go to Edit Script
-Change «a» to be ««, without the quotes. Change «b» to be ««, without the quotes. Change «c» to be ««, without the quotes.
-Click Apply Changes
-Now press your Play hotkey to playback those keys

Here is a complete menu of all the keys that can be played back with the program as well as how to name it inside the script editor:

Key you want to press How to format it inside the Script Editor
> <>>
ENTER key on the main keyboard
Up arrow
Down arrow
Left arrow
Right arrow
INS or
Function keys
Print Screen key
Left Windows key
Right Windows key
NUMLOCK (on/off/toggle)
CAPSLOCK (on/off/toggle)
SCROLLLOCK (on/off/toggle)
for Ctrl+Break processing
Numpad digits
Numpad Multiply
Numpad Add
Numpad Subtract
Numpad Divide
Numpad period
Enter key on the numpad
Windows App key
Left ALT key
Right ALT key
Left CTRL key
Right CTRL key
Left Shift key
Right Shift key
Computer SLEEP key
Holds the ALT key down until is sent
Holds the SHIFT key down until is sent
Holds the CTRL key down until is sent
Holds the left Windows key down until is sent
Holds the right Windows key down until is sent
Send the ALT+nnnn key combination
Select the browser «back» button
Select the browser «forward» button
Select the browser «refresh» button
Select the browser «stop» button
Select the browser «search» button
Select the browser «favorites» button
Launch the browser and go to the home page
Mute the volume
Reduce the volume
Increase the volume
Select next track in media player
Select previous track in media player
Stop media player
Play/pause media player
Launch the email application
Launch media player
Launch user app1
Launch user app2
Either the angle bracket key or the backslash key on the RT 102-key keyboard

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Automatic Mouse and Keyboard крякнутый + код активации

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Если нужно сделать множество однотипных действий, например, сохранить несколько десятков фото, нужно задать маршрут, по которому будет двигаться курсор, и последовательность действий. После этого можно заниматься своими делами, а приложение будет выполнять рутинную работу.

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Для полноценного использования необходимо купить лицензию. Код активации потребуется только при первом запуске. Есть три вида лицензии:

  • коммерческая — на 25 компьютеров;
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Во всех случаях предусмотрено получение бесплатных объявлений в течение 3 лет. Пользователи, не желающие платить за софт, пользуются крякнутой программой. Но лучше так не делать, а приобрести хотя бы самую дешёвую лицензию: она стоит всего 20 долларов.

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